21 June 2023

This week we started off our Beach School with Worship by the Waves.  This week we were thinking about Hope.  We thought of things we could hope for then released our hopes into the air in the hope that God would find them and help us. 
After worship we did some PE to get our bodies moving before it got too hot.  We are focusing on rounders this half term so we talked about some of the rules, then went to put them into practise.  We are definitely getting better.  We had some great fielding and an amazing catch from Josh!!  Well done Josh.
We then went and had a nice refreshing drink and our snack before looking at our poetry.  This week we were making our own versions of '10 things I found in a shipwrecked sailor's pocket'.  We had to think of another person and think about what they might have in their pockets.  We had 10 things found in a farmer's pocket, 10 things found in a nurse's pocket and 10 things found in a golfer's pocket to name a few.  After we had wrote our poems we rehearsed them and read them out to the rest of the class.  They sounded great.
It was finally time for lunch so we headed back up to the golf club for sandwiches and chips.  We ate this quickly because we had a special treat waiting for us back down at the beach.  We had a visit from the Craster RNLI lifeboat.  They came to talk to us about how to stay safe on the beach and when we go in the sea.  We then got to have a sit on the lifeboat.  This was so much fun - thank you Craster Lifeboat Station!  
This week, we began our morning with Worship by the Waves. The children were encouraged to think about their hopes and dreams while enjoying the calmness of the sea. We then learned the chorus of Stefania's song in Ukrainian, which was a part of our goal to master the entire song. Next, we had a fun session practicing our underarm throwing and catching skills, followed by some batting and fielding practice. After all that exercise, it was time for lunch.
In the afternoon, we had a special visit from the RNLI at the beach. The children were asked to spot any potential dangers on the beach, and they were also given the opportunity to go on the RNLI boat. It was such an exciting experience!

We were so lucky to be blessed with such a beautiful day today! Our day began with worship lead by Mrs Popay and the church school council.

Orca class moved to our Literacy area, the children then worked as a team to act the banquet scene in Macbeth and showed the rest of the class. After that the children wrote questions for a character. We then hot seated a character Grace was Macbeth and Rupert was Lady Macbeth. The children really got into the characters and answered the excellent questions very well. You could tell they really thought about the character and used their understanding to portray this.

We then had a break then we read our class novel Percy Jackson – the class is really enjoying this.

After lunch we were lucky to have a visit from the inshore lifeboat from Craster. The children had a great Water Safety  session and then had the great chance to go onto the rib and have a discussion with the crewmen.

It was very hot today, if all children can please come with sun cream and a sun hat please.


Our story at beach school today was ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen.  After listening to the story we thought about what might happen if we went on a bear hunt on the beach.  We thought about walking through the sand, the river, marram grass and some seaweed.  We discussed what they would sound like if we walked through them.  We then wrote about what we would walk through and the sound it would make.

We retold the story using the characters.  After that we then went on our own bear hunt reciting the words as we walked along. 

In maths we did some measuring.  We discussed different sizes and ordered objected depending on their size.  The Reception children used rulers to measure and the nursery children used shells to measure.

For our PE this week we used the driftwood tree to practise our balancing.  We found it easier to balance if we held out our arms.  We then played a game of bear chase which was really fun!

After lunch we made up our own version of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’  by doing it as a clapping and repeating story.  We decided that we would make caves for our bears by digging i the sand.  Some of us made water slides and hot tubs for the bear!

We ended our day at the beach with a visit from the RNLI who spoke to us about beach and water safety  We learnt what to do if we get caught out in the sea.  Some of us even got to sit in the lifeboat!