7 June 2023


Our story at beach school today was ‘The Everywhere Bear’ by Julia Donaldson.  After we had listened to the story we spoke about the adventures that he had. We then wrote about the different places that the Everywhere Bear had been and what had happened to him. 

When we had finished our writing one of the children in Starfish class saw their Grandad’s fishing boat out in the sea near Dunstanburgh Castle.  We went for walk along the beach to get a better look and all waved.

In the story the bear ends up in Mrs Bishop’s fish shop.  We set up our own fish shops in the sand.  The Reception children made different amounts using different coins and the Nursery children were learning to recognise different coins.

We then all worked together to make the underwater illustration in the book.  We collected small pieces of seaweed for the fish and used buckets to make circles for the bubbles coming out of the pipe.

After lunch we listened to the story again and used the instruments to make a soundtrack.  We finished the day by digging fishing boats in the sand playing a fish game in PE.



This week at Beach School began with Worship by the Waves, the children discussed the Holy Trinity and worked with a partner during this activity. After that, Orcas began with their English lesson. Currently in English, we are studying Macbeth - the children are very engaged with this text and are really embracing the vocabulary. The children discussed previous knowledge they then worked with a partner to complete a play script depicting the scene after Macbeth and Banquo have encountered the witches. The children then worked together to produce a scene and showed it to the rest of the class. 

After that, we began with PE, today we concentrated on jumping looking at the standing long jump and then the triple jump. The children measured and recorded their jumps in their beach school.

We then read more of our class novel Percy Jackson.


In the afternoon we combined with Puffin Class and the children coached the younger children and discussed and modelled the skills needed to be successful in rounders. We then split into mixed teams and competed in a rounders competition.


Then, we came back to school and completed a comic strip of act 1 of Macbeth.

Well done Orcas.


This week at Beach School, we started by walking along the route that we would run for the Children’s Cancer Run, so that those who hadn’t done it before could become more familiar with it. We then took a walk towards Dunstanburgh Castle and explored the Pill Box. We found a nice spot to do our worship by the castle, where we talked about the Holy Trinity and completed some activities to help us understand the importance of the number three. We also sang the Trinity song. After this, we focused on our new topic, The North East of England. We recapped what it means to be a country, county, and region. We thought about key landmarks, and where the North East starts and ends. We then headed back along the dunes to enjoy our lunch at the Golf Club, before returning to the beach to learn Ukrainian with Miss Anna. We learnt key phrases about where we live, as well as about Italy and Greece – two countries we had studied. Before recapping what our new book Midsummer Night's Dream is about, we split into groups and acted out our interpretations of what was going on between the characters. Finally, we shared some updates, including a story about friends which offered a very interesting perspective.


We began our first beach school back with Worship by the Waves.  This week we were continuing with the theme of the Holy Trinity.  We played some games that involved 3 in 1 and then drew some pictures in the sand using only the numbers 3 and 1.  We finished our worship with Our Trinity song. 

After worship, we found a spot on the beach and read a story along the theme of World Ocean Day.  It was all about some animals who discovered their ocean was getting over run with rubbish.  It explained how harmful these were to the animals and they got together to do an ocean floor clean up.  This made us want to check that our beach was clean so off we went to do a beach litter pick.  We were surprised to find that there was quite a lot of litter on the beach this week but we felt better at the end, knowing we had done our bit to look after our wildlife. 

Following our litter pick, we read a poem called ’10 things found in a shipwrecked sailor’s pocket’.  We split into groups to learn it.  We then performed it in front of our friends.  After a lunch at the golf club we headed back down to the beach to talk about habitats.  We discussed what a habitat is and what animals live in certain ones.  We then discussed how animals are adapted to living in their habitats.  We finished off our day with a fun and energetic game of rounders with the Orca class.  They are continuing to support us in learning the rules of the game.