Blog 16.2.24

This week was the last week of our ‘Tell me a tale’ Julia Donaldson theme.  We spent the week reading lots of our favourite Julia Donaldson stories and talking about why we like them.  Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to different Julia Donaldson stories:

 Writing – Nursery: Write about your favourite Julia Donaldson story and tell an adult what your writing says Reception: Write about your favourite Julia Donaldson story and use the sounds that you know in your writing.

Maths – Nursery: Order the stickmen in size Reception: Order the stickmen in size and measure the shortest and the longest

Funky Fingers – Nursery: Make a bead Superworm Reception: Make a bead Superworm using three colours to make a pattern

Creative – Nursery: Create a tie for the Smartest Giant in Town  Reception:  Create a tie for the Smartest Giant in Town  and write a list of the colours you used.

Playdough– Nursery: Make a playdough Gruffalo Reception: Make a playdough Gruffalo and write a label

Drawing – Follow the instructions to draw Tabby McTat


Most of the Reception children completed all their challenges and gold challenges.  Well done! 

 In maths this week the Reception children have been investigating length and measuring different things.  The Nursery children have been continuing to learn about number five. 

 This week in Read, Write Inc. the Reception children continued to practise sounds they have previously learnt and have been using them to write longer words and sentences.   The nursery children have been focusing on the letter sounds at the beginning of words and identifying different sounds.  

 This week we found out about Shrove Tuesday.  Mrs Cotton helped us to make pancakes and we chose our toppings.  They were yummy!  It was also Valentine’s Day this week so we made special Valentine biscuits to eat at snack time.  This week the book fair came into school we looked at the different books that were on sale.  Some of us bought our own books.

This week was our last week of our RE theme ‘Which places are special and why?’.  We spoke about special places in school and in our class.  We all said we liked our reflection area and thought about what we could do to make it better.  

Our Starfish star of the week was Edie for great maths this week.  Well done Edie!

After half term we will start our new theme ‘Into the Woods’.   Our story will be ‘Stanley’s Stick’ by John Hegley.