I wanted to take a moment to share with you all the exciting things we have been learning in class this week.

In geography, we have been delving into the topic of ocean pollution. We have explored the detrimental effects that various forms of pollution have on the water quality and marine life. The consequences of this pollution are far-reaching and have sparked important discussions among the children.

In science, we have been focusing on the fascinating subject of weathering. The children have been introduced to the different types of weathering: biological, physical, and chemical. They have shown great curiosity and have come up with some brilliant questions to further deepen their understanding.

During our RE lessons, we have been examining Christian marriage vows. In particular, we have considered the solemnity and significance of the vows taken in the Church of England. The children have explored the meaning behind the language used in these vows and have gained a deeper understanding of the commitment associated with marriage.

Furthermore, our class has dedicated a lot of effort and dedication to our class worship this week. The children have been working tirelessly to create a memorable and meaningful worship experience. I'm certain they cannot wait to share it with you all.

Our Star of the Week is Oscar for his perseverance and hard-work in Hip-Hop this week.