Blog 25.11.22

 This week our book of the week was ‘The Great Pet Sale’ by Mick Inkpen.  In the story everything in the pet shop must go, even the rat with half his whiskers missing! 'I'm only 1p. Choose me, ' he calls. But first, the little boy must look through all the other animal bargains.  Each time we read the book this week the we had a pot of coins and made the amounts that each animal cost.  This was great for our coin recognition and adding skills.

 Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to this book:

 Writing – Choose a picture and write about the pets

Maths –  Measure the pet shop animals

Funky Fingers – Balance the coins as high as you can

Computing – Draw and label a pet using a drawing app on the iPad

Creative – Follow the instructions to make a cat

Outside – Find the hidden animals

Our favourite challenge this week was stacking the coins.  We all tried to build the tallest coin tower.

 This week in PE we did some travelling.   We travelled around the hall in lots of different ways.  We then used the benches and travelled along them in different ways.  We needed to use our balancing skills from last week to help keep us safe.

 Our cake recipe this week was ginger cake.  It wasn’t as popular as last week’s jam cake but we still made lots of use of our independent cooking area.

 This week we had something new in the tuff tray.  We had hexbugs.  They are micro robotic creatures that travel in a straight line until they hit an object in their path or hear a loud noise.  When they do, the bug reverses in a half circle, then moves forward in a new direction.  We had great fun using blocks and tubes for them to go around and through.

 On Thursday Bishop Mark came to school to bless the new extension in school. We had a special Collective Worship where he also presented the Reception children with their school Bible. 

 On Friday we went to Holy Trinity Church for our RE.  We went on a present hunt.  Around the church were different gifts which, when unwrapped, we found that they contained all the people who make up the Christmas story.  We also saw the stained glass window with Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.

 Next week our story will be ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ by Giles Andreae