We hope you had a wonderful first week back at school! Your children have hit the ground running and have already begun exploring our new coast topic. In English, we have been looking at poems and learning about different types of poetry and how to analyse them. Focusing on the poet Valerie Bloom and the poem De Familiar Tings. The students have been engaged and excited to share their own ideas and interpretations.
In Science, we began our unit on forces and magnets. The students have been introduced to the concept of force and how it can be measured. They also learned about the different types of forces such as friction, air resistance and gravity. They have been busy conducting experiments and observing how different forces impact different objects. We look forward to continuing our learning journey in the weeks to come and exploring all the exciting and interesting aspects of our new topics.

We also had a fantastic first celebration assembly of the year.
Shout outs to Amalia - Wow Work of the Week for her research in geography.
Charlie - For achieving his digital leader award.
The children who took part in the ENO Composition Finish This. They composed a fantastic piece of music.
Polly - Moving up in her CLIC.
All the children who received their Times Table Rockstar Awards Picks - Keep them safe and keep up the good work.
And finally to Zach who achieved his Headteacher's Award today for working hard in lessons and putting a lot of effort into his work.
Well done everyone! You have done yourselves proud.
Enjoy the weekend and don't forget swimming kits on Monday.