Blog 11.3.22

Our story this week was ‘Bear Wants More’ by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman.

When springtime comes, in his warm winter den a bear wakes up very hungry and thin!  Bear comes outof hibernation and he's VERY hungry.  He eats everything in sight-but he still wants more!  Bear's friends finally help him satisfy his HUGE hunger by throwing him a surprise party.

Our Rainbow Challenges all relate to the story:

Writing – Make a list of fruit for bear’s fresh fruit snack

Maths – Fish for some numbers and answer number sentences

Funky Fingers – Cut out clover leaves

Outside – Hop like hare

Construction – Make a den for bear

Cooking – Make a honey cake


Yet again it was another fantastic week for getting challenges done.  Lots of children did all their Challenges and Gold Challenge.



In our RE this week, ‘Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter Garden?’ we discussed that during lent Christians help others.  We looked at some photographs of people helping each in lots of different ways.  We each thought of how we can be helpful to other people.  We drew our ideas on a heart.


In maths this week Reception children have been continuing to learn about pairs of numbers that make ten.   The nursery children have been learning about making five and number recognition. 


We have also been finding out about things that are made from wood and watched a video of wooden toys being made.  We saw how the toys started off as a tree!  We discovered that we have lots of things made from wood in our classroom.  We even discovered that the play area on the field in made from wood.  We had lots of fun playing on it!


We found out about where real bears live and looked at some photographs of real bear dens.  The Reception children did some fabulous writing about bear dens.  In the story Bear wakes up in the spring after sleeping all winter.  We found out about the four seasons and how they are different.  We sorted pictures into spring, summer, autumn and winter


Before Mr Easton came in to do music with us on Wednesday we decided that we would get ready for our lesson by playing the musical instruments.  We made a marching band and then marched all around the playground!


Mrs Threlfall asked us if we would help her with a job, and of course we said yes!  We posted letters to our neighbours to tell them that we will be having some building work done very soon and there might be a bit more noise than usual and some big vehicles will be at school.


Next week our story will be one of our favourites ‘The Gruffalo’  by Julia Donaldson