Lovely to see everyone back on Monday and hear all about your Easter holidays.

We began the week with our new book in English, Jack and the Beanstalk.  The children were very excited to retell me the story and got stuck into helping us draw the story map.  We talked about what portal stories are and linked them to the Biff, Chip and Kipper stories we read in class.  We have been doing more fractions in maths this week; beginning with halves. 

The children were excited to do PE outside in the sunshine on Monday and it was perfect for our first tennis lesson.  We learnt how to hold the racquet correctly then practised our skills by balancing the ball on the racquet.  We then tried to bounce the ball up and down on the racquet before trying to return the ball Miss Murray threw for us.  We need to practise this again next week!

In computing this half term we are looking at improving our typing skills.  We are going to try typing with more than one finger!

We started our new art unit this week, which is collage.  We talked about what a collage is and how it differs from junk modelling and painting.  We then went outside to do a texture hunt so that we could use these different textures to inspire our future art work.  There were so many different textures outside that we didn’t have space to fit them all on our sheets.

On Wednesday, after beach school, we started our science unit which is all about plants and growing this term.  We were given some seeds and bulbs to look at under the magnifying glasses.  We realised that seeds and bulbs come in all shapes and sizes but grow into lovely plants and flowers.  How amazing! We planted some of the seeds and we are going to (hopefully) watch them grow!  We also planted some beans, just like Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk.

STAR OF THE WEEK – CONNIE!  Well done.  You are always so helpful and you always follow ‘Embleton Expects’.

BIG MATHS promotions this week go to JACK and HARRY who both got all their Learn Its correct within the given time.  Well done boys.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Murray