Blog 4.3.22

This week we began our new theme ‘Into the Woods’.  Our story was ‘The Foggy Foggy Forest’.  Who was in the foggy, foggy forest?  Was it a fairy queen on a trampoline, three brown bears on picnic chairs, or an ogre doing yoga?  We loved reading this book this week and guessing what each foggy silhouette was.

Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to the story:

Writing – Write about who is in the shadows

Maths – Find the coins to pay Gran in the ice cream van

Funky Fingers – Trace a picture from the foggy foggy forest

Creative – Paint some foggy foggy trees

Construction – Make some picnic chairs for the three bears

Playdough – Make boots for Jack and the giant


Yet again it was another fantastic week for getting challenges done.  Lots of children did all their Challenges.



This week we began our new RE topic ‘Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter Garden?’   As it was Shrove Tuesday this week, it was a good week to begin this new theme!   We discussed why Christians eat pancakes and what lent is.  We all made our own pancakes and chose our toppings.  Mrs Cotton turned our role play area into a Pancake Café!  We have had great fun taking orders, making and serving pancakes.  We even had pancakes and pancake mixture in the tuff tray!


In maths this week Reception children have been learning about pairs of numbers that make ten.   They have been doing this in lots of different ways. The nursery children have been learning about describing and making patterns.


We have also been investigating shadows this week.  In ‘The Foggy, Foggy Forest’ story we could only see the shadow silhouettes of the characters so we made our own shadows using torches and explored how to make them bigger or smaller.


On Thursday it was World Book Day.  Our school focus was Julia Donaldson books.  Some of us made models of our favourite Julia Donaldson book and brought the book into school to read.  Some of Orca’s came down to read us stories.  We even had the Highway Rat read us a story!


Next week our story will be ‘Bear Wants More’ by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman.