Final week of this half term – it has flown by!  Everyone has worked hard this half term and I am proud of the progress the children have made.

We have had a busy week this week.  We finished off our unit on shapes by sorting them using venn and carroll diagrams.  On Monday we also played a final game of our made up game in PE.  It was a cross between benchball, netball and basketball but it incorporated all our attacking and defending skills we have been practising this half term.  We got really competitive by the end of the game!

On Tuesday we had a visit from the Dog’s Trust.  This was so much fun.  We got to learn all about how to keep safe around dogs and what to do if a dog approaches us and we feel a little bit frightened.  We all know dogs are cute and mostly friendly, but sometimes then can be a bit rough.  We now know to get into a hedgehog position to send a message to the dog that we do not want to play.

In science we did an investigation to see if we could find transparent, translucent and opaque materials in the classroom.  We did this by shining a light through them and seeing if we could see the light through it.  We found out that most items in our classroom are opaque.  I wonder if you can ask your child what these three words mean?

Friday was our whole day of doing art.  This was fun because we got to do lots of investigating and printing.  First of all we used the plastercine to make a printing block, then experimented with the paint to see how successful it was.  We then discussed how good of a technique it was and what we could do better.  We decided we needed to change the material we used for printing with as the plastercine did not give us a good enough print.  The details didn’t show up very well.  We moved on to using a sheet of polystyrene to see if this would give us a more detailed print.  It was much easier to get the details etched into the polystyrene using a cocktail stick.  Once we had designed our printing block we experimented with different paint.  We used normal school paint to begin with, then tried proper printing ink and rollers.  The printing ink and rollers worked the best.  As a class we decided that for our final print, our wrapping paper, we are going to use the polystyrene and printing ink.  We can’t wait to make our wrapping paper.

Big Maths promotions this week go to: BEATRICE, INDIE and AIDAN.  Well done.

STAR OF THE WEEK this week goes to ALEXANDER – You did some lovely detailed printing during our art day, well done.

Have a lovely half term everyone and will see you all in a week!

Have fun!!