We have been busy learning our new topics this week in Seal Class this half-term. We have been continuing to look at Michael Rosen in English. In this, we have delved deeper into the different parts of the books and picked some of the poems from Part 1 to analyse. We rated them out of 10, decided whether we had enjoyed them, and picked out some of the language features he had used to add to the description or imagery used. The children found his poems humorous and could identify personification and onomatopoeia. We have also continued to look at The Sun is laughing as part of our English Beach Unit. We focused on looking at chorus poetry and how it can change how the poetry reader emphasises the poem and how they read it to suit the audience better. We also started our history unit this half-term, looking at the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We looked at a timeline and added different dates to the timeline, developing our understanding of AD and BC. We also further developed our photography skills in computing, focusing on different angles and which ones would be more effective for taking specific photos.
The children also started editing the photos using different colours, backgrounds, and cropping images. We have also been looking at addition and subtraction in maths, explicitly focusing on column methods with exchanges. The children also had a great time at the Skipping Festival; they returned and told us about it. This Week's Star of the Week is Alexander, and he has shown tremendous determination and perseverance in PE. We have also won the week's Mathshed and Spelling Shed Challenges, and well done to all the children for their effort. It was lovely to catch up with all the parents this week who managed to make it to Parent Consultations, and it was a pleasure to share how well all the children are getting on with their learning and working super hard this term. I can't wait to see what they continue to achieve as the year progresses.
Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Scott and Mrs G