We started off the week by doing some creative writing.  We were really focusing on remembering our capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.  We used some beautiful vocabulary to describe the box and we were very imaginative when thinking about what might be inside the box.  We have also been doing well with our speedy green words in phonics this week. 

In Maths, we have been looking more at shapes.  We have been learning how to count the edges carefully, making sure we didn’t count the same edge twice.  We have also been sorting them and making patterns with them.  We also used the geoboards to try and recreate the shapes.  

We played with the ozobots again this week.  We were trying to get them spin like a tornado and make a zigzag move along the page.  We discovered that it is really important to get the codes in the correct order as well as making sure the lines are coloured enough to connect the codes together.  We discovered that any gaps confused the ozobot.

In Music, we got out the glockenspiels to try and play a few notes to accompany the song we are learning to sing.  I must say that both Miss Rutter and I were very surprised at the quality of the playing.  Well done Puffins.  You all managed to keep in time to the beat and play the right notes! 

We have had a successful week in Big Maths with promotions going to BEATRICE, MARTIN, ALEXANDER and HARRY!  Well done.

Star of the week this week goes to AIDAN who has been trying really hard all week to learn the names of all the 3D shapes as well know all their properties.  Well done!