Blog 16.12.22

 This week our book of the week was ‘A House for Christmas Mouse’ by Rebecca HarryIn the story Mouse is very excited for Christmas, but first she needs to find a home to spend it in! On her way, she meets Fox, Bunny and Bear, all in need of a little help - which she gladly offers - but as the sun sets, it looks like she won't have anywhere cosy to spend Christmas. Luckily, her new friends reward her generosity with a very big surprise by decorating her house.

 Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to this book:

 Writing – Write about Mouse’s journey to find a new house

Maths – Use the scales to weigh some of Rabbit’s logs

Funky Fingers – Make a paper chain for Mouse’s house

Outside – Find a house for mouse

Creative – Make a mouse using shapes

Computing – Use the iPad to draw a picture of Mouse.

 We did a great job of completing our challenges this week.  All the Reception children that were in school this week completed their challenges and their gold challenge this week – well done!

 In maths we have all been learning about shapes and thinking about the different properties.  We have learnt that a square is a special type of rectangle. The Reception children have continued to practise their doubles and halves and counting in tens.

 In the tuff tray this week we balanced Brussel sprouts on golf tees, decorated Christmas trees with gems and pom-poms, added pom-poms and glass nuggets to make Christmas lights, cut some branches to make Christmas trees and made shiny stars with gems.   We also made felt mice with candy cane tails. 

 In our story this week the bear lived in a cave, the fox lived in a den and the rabbit lived in a burrow.  We spent some time finding out where other animals lived.  We played a pairs game to match the animals to their homes.

 This week Mandy made us a delicious Christmas dinner.  We were also lucky to have crackers too! 

 Next week our story will be the Christmas Story.