This week we have had a busy week in Seal Class. It was the first week back and we had World Book Day. The theme for this WBD was Traditional Tales, the children brought in their fantastic masks that they had made in from home and shared them with each other. We also went down to Puffins to read them a Traditional Story, we enjoyed reading books with the younger ones. We then spent the rest of the afternoon drawing our maps from Narnia and sketching key parts from the map such as The White Witch’s Castle or The Lamppost. The children sketched some fantastic pieces. In science, we started learning about States of Matter. We focused on learning about the 3 main types (Solids, Liquids and Gas) and comparing the properties of each. In English this week we have spent time looking at descriptive language and how to use it to create the setting of an imaginary world. We continued this down the beach and wrote a descriptive piece about what we could see. This week’s Star of The Week is Charlie for his Narnia Map. Homework is now on Google Classroom; the children have been told what they need to do. If there is any problems please let me know.

Have a good weekend,

Miss Scott