What another busy week Puffins!  We have been busy learning about shapes this week.  We have used the correct language; faces, vertices and edges to describe the properties of 3D shapes.  We have grouped them, compared them and made patterns with them.  We played a matching pairs game to test not only our memory but our shape names – tetrahedron was the trickiest to remember.

In PE, on Monday, we were practising our attacking and defending skills and in computing we were learning what all the different speed codes were for the ozobot.  We observed how they affected the speed of the ozobot and learned that it was important to get the codes in the right order.

We were doing some observational drawings in art this week.  We used magnifying glasses to make sure we were looking at the objects carefully and getting all the lines, shapes, patterns and colours in the right place.

Big Maths results were great again this week.  Puffins are trying really hard to beat their scores each week.  No promotions this week, but a few children were just one or two away, so are determined to get the all correct next week.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and stay safe

Miss Murray