Blog 8.12.23

 This week we have been thinking about Christmas.  Our story this week has been ‘Little Robin Red Vest’ by Jan Fearnley.  The story is set on a frosty evening, a week before Christmas, Little Robin washes and irons seven warm vests for the chilly nights to come. As the days go by, he comes across lots of cold and shivering animals, and kindly offers them his vests to wear. But on Christmas Eve, Little Robin is cold and all alone with no vests left! That is, until Father Christmas arrives to reward his kindness and generosity with a perfect little red vest . . . which is just how a robin got his red breast!

Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to this story:

 Writing – Write the days of the week

Maths – Make a repeating pattern using different coloured vests

Funky Fingers – Cut out a vest and decorate it with spots

Creative – Make a paper plate robin

Playdough– Make a playdough robin

Drawing – Draw a robin

Outside – Make a bird feeder


In maths this week the Reception children have been learning about making five, six, and seven using two pieces of Numicon. The Nursery children have identifying different pieces of Numicon.

In Read, Write Inc. this week the Reception children have continued to practise writing cvc words and writing sentences.  The nursery children have been learning the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and have been listening an identifying the sounds at the beginning of word.  They have also been practising writing their names.

Our music this term is Celebration Music.  This week we continued listening to some Christmas Celebration music. We have been using instruments to play the beats in the song.

This week we have been learning about the life cycle of a robin.  We have also been ordering and reading the days of the week as each day in the story the robin gave away a different coloured vest.  The Reception children have also been writing the days the week.  In the story the robin has lots of different coloured vests that he gave away, we discussed different colours and the Reception children wrote the colours of the vests.

This week as part of our RE theme ‘Why do Christians perform a nativity play at Christmas?’ we spoke about how Christians believe that Christmas is Jesus’s birthday.  We ordered some birthday cards with ages on and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jesus.  We also learnt a ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ dance.

 This week we had four Starfish stars of the week as their stories were so good last week.  Keep up the good work!

 Our story next week will be ‘The Christmas Pine’ by Julia Donaldson.