Blog 27.10.23

Our book this week was ‘The Scarecrow who didn’t Scare’ by Neil Griffiths.  In this story Farmer Wallace has been very busy making a scarecrow and was sure it would do a good job. But, as spring and summer arrived the woodland creatures took no notice of the scarecrow and weren't frightened at all as they nibbled at the green shoots and ripening corn. The farmer was so cross that he threw the scarecrow into the bushes.  Over the winter the scarecrow sheltered the animals from the cold weather and in return the following year the animals left the crops alone and Farmer Wallace had a bumper harvest the that year.

Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to this story:

Writing – Write about things we can see in autumn

Maths – Use the halves of the pictures to make the different scarecrows

Funky Fingers – Use the tweezers to sort the leaves  

Outside – Make a leaf picture

Creative – Create a scarecrow face

Playdough – Make a playdough tree

Drawing – Draw the mice that lived in the scarecrows boots

 In maths this week the Reception children have been using a number line to find one more and one less of a number.   They have also been practising their subitsing of numbers up to six using a dice. The Nursery children have been practising counting and recognising numbers.

 In Read, Write Inc. this week the Reception children have been learning the sounds j, w, v and y and have now learnt nearly all of the single letter sounds.  The nursery children have been listening and identifying different animal sounds and playing listening games linking the sounds to pictures.  The nursery children have also been doing some rhyming activities.

In our music this week we have continued to explore nature sounds.  We went to the quarry to listen to different sounds and thought about how the sounds we heard  there were different to the sounds we heard last week in school.

 Our book this week was about the seasons and a scarecrow. We decorated some biscuits to look like scarecrows, they were very yummy!  We also looked at the autumn treasure bags that some children had brought in.  Lots of different things had been collected.  The Reception children wrote a list of some of the items.  We then discussed the four different seasons and what the weather is like and what happens in spring, summer, autumn and winter.  We sorted some pictures and put them into the correct season although we all decided that we liked to eat ice cream in all seasons not just summer!    The Reception children wrote a description of the scarecrow and the Nursery children discussed what he looked like and what he was wearing.

 This week was the final week of our RE theme ‘Being Special’.  We learnt about the festival Raksha Bandhan, otherwise known as Rakhi or Rakhi Festival, is a celebration of brotherhood and the love between siblings in Hinduism. Although the celebration is traditionally between brothers and sisters, the festival has also evolved and now Rakhi bracelets can also be given between close friends and other family members.  We all made Rakhi bracelets to give to people we love. We thought about who we were making our bracelets for and chose beads that we knew they would like.

 This week our Starfish star of the week was Anna for trying hard with her letter formation and writing.  Well Done Anna!

 After half term we will continue our autumn theme and our book will be ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper.