15th March 2024

This week has been British Science week so we have been having lots of fun with this year’s theme of ‘time’.  This fits in nicely with our science this half term which is life cycles.  On Monday we looked at the life cycle of a frog.  We played a game where we had to play rock paper scissors while pretending to be frogspawn.  The winner of the frogspawn rock paper scissors was able to move on to the next stage of the lifecycle, tadpole, where they played other winners.  The loser of frogspawn had to stay as frogspawn and find more frogspawn to play rock paper scissors with.  This continued all around the 4 stages of the life cycle until you were eventually a frog.  After winning the frog stage of the life cycle you could start all over again as frogspawn.  Hope no-one in Puffins will forget the different stages of a frog’s lifecycle.

We also did some PSHE on Monday, where we talked about personal space and what to do if you do not like people invading your space.  We talked about a ‘body boundary’ and how this is an invisible space around us that we can all control.  We discussed how no one should come in our boundary unless we say it is ok.  We reiterated how it is ok to say no and that we do not have to do anything that we feel is unsafe or uncomfortable. 

Tuesday was our class lunch – it was great to see so many visitors in to share our delicious lunch with us.  Thank you Mandy for making such a delicious food for us!  On Tuesday afternoon we talked about Florence Nightingale and why she was such a significant person.  We talked about the things she did in order to change nursing for the better.  What an inspirational lady!

In English we began preparing our script for our promotional videos.  These videos are all about ways in which you can help the world! We recorded them on Thursday and next week we will be editing them.  We cannot wait to share them with you all.

On Thursday, In DT, we began to design our puppets.  We made a few designs and chose our favourite one.  We also labelled our designs with materials we would need to make them so that Miss Murray can gather all the bits ready for next week.  We can’t wait. 

STAR of the Week this week was CONNIE.  Connie is always kind and caring and following Embleton Expects.  Well done!

BIG MATHS promotion this week goes to ARCHIE and DOUBLE promotions for ROSIE BE and ROSIE BR.  Well done Everyone!

Have a lovely weekend.