Blog 2.2.24

We continued with the book ‘The Bowerbird’ by Julia Donaldson this week. 

Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to this story:

 Writing – Nursery: Write a list of things that the bowerbird put in his bower and tell an adult what your writing says. Reception: Write a list of things that the bowerbird put in his bower and use the sounds that you know in your writing.

Maths – Nursery: Use the shapes to make a bird. Reception: Use the shapes to make two different birds.

Funky Fingers – Nursery: Join up the paperclips. Reception: Join up all the paperclips before the timer runs out.

Creative – Nursery: Create a purple flower.  Reception: Create a purple flower and make a list of the different resources you used.

Construction– Nursery: Make a bower. Reception: Design and make a bower

Drawing – Follow the instructions to draw a flower

Outside – Nursery: Make a collection of things that a bowerbird might collect.  Reception: Make a collection of things that a bowerbird might collect and write a list of what you found.

 Most of the Reception children completed all their challenges.  Well done! 

 In maths this week the Reception children have been practising their number bonds to ten.  The Nursery children have been learning about number four. 

 This week in Read, Write Inc. the Reception children have been learning some new sounds and practised ones they had previously learnt.   The nursery children have been playing lots of different listening games and some children have been playing rhyming and initial sound games.  We have also made lists of rhyming words from the story. 

 In our music theme of ‘Action Songs’ we have been learning about exploring tempo and pitch through dance.  We used scarves to dance with and show the different tempo and pitch of the music.  In the story ‘The Bowerbird’ we thought about Berts feelings at different time during the story.  The Reception children wrote about how Bert felt at the end of the story.  Mrs Cotton has changed our role play area into a Gruffalo Cafe.  We have had great fun taking orders and serving owl ice cream, Gruffalo crumble, scrambled snake and lots more!

 Our RE theme is ‘Which places are special and why?’.  This week we found out about a mandir which is a special place for Hindus.  We have enjoyed exploring the model mandir.

 This week our Starfish star of the week was Benji for working hard.  Well done Benji!

 Our story next week will be ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ by Julia Donaldson. This story is set in East Asia and as next week is Lunar New Year we shall also be finding out about the different ways people celebrate.