English: Exploring the Earth's Past

In English, our focus this week was on visualisation. We took a fascinating journey back in time, exploring what the Earth was like an incredible 480 million years ago. The children were tasked with drawing their own images and using descriptive language to bring the ancient world of volcanos to life. To enhance their writing, we watched informative videos and discussed ways to uplevel our language. Finally, we put our imaginations to the test and wrote a captivating narrative inspired by our drawings.

Maths: Understanding Place Value

Turning our attention to maths, this week we delved into the concept of place value. We learned how to effectively represent numbers using place value charts, numerals, words, and base 10 blocks. We focused on numbers up to 1,000, honing our skills in correctly identifying the value of each digit. The children were particularly engaged in interactive activities that allowed them to manipulate base 10 blocks and gain a deeper understanding of how numbers are constructed.

Science: Exploring a Balanced Diet

In science, we embarked on a journey to discover the importance of a balanced diet. We learned about the different food groups and the essential nutrients they provide our bodies with. The children were encouraged to think critically about their own eating habits and make connections between the food they consume and their health. Through interactive discussions and engaging tasks, we explored the concept of nutrition in a practical and meaningful way.

Geography: Tracing the Cocoa Bean's Path

Our geography lessons took us on an exciting exploration of the journey of a cocoa bean, from its origins to becoming delicious chocolate. We traced the path of this fascinating crop, learning about the countries involved in its production and the various stages of processing. Through videos, maps, and discussions, we gained a deeper understanding of the global nature of our consumption and the impact it has on different communities.

Computing: Creating a Jamboard

In our computing lessons, we dove into the world of digital collaboration by creating a jamboard as part of our Google Orientation. The children learned how to effectively use and contribute to a shared virtual space, allowing them to collaborate and express their ideas creatively. They thoroughly enjoyed exploring the possibilities of this digital tool and are excited to continue using it in future projects.

This week's Star of The Week was Josh for trying his hardest and settling into Seal Class very well. This week we also had Lucas as our Headteacher's Award for his learning in French. We also won both the Maths and Spelling Shed Challenges this week! Well done everyone, keep up the good work.