Blog 8.4.22


This week we have been learning about the Easter story and looked at ways in which people celebrate Easter.


Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been Easter themed:


Writing – Write a letter to the Easter bunny (the Easter bunny wrote us a letter and left us a box but we had to write back to be able to open the box and find out what was inside!)

Maths – Make a repeating pattern with coloured eggs

Funky Fingers – Fill the egg boxes with pom poms using tweezers

Construction – Make a Lego cross

Creative – Make a pom pom Easter chick

Reading – Read and follow the instructions to draw Easter pictures



We have been doing lots of activities linked to Easter this week.  Some children made a house for the Easter bunny using the large wooden blocks. We listened to a ‘Let’s Move’ recording about going on an Easter egg hunt – we did really good listening and followed the instructions carefully.  We had some chicks that we raced in the tuff tray but they kept going round and round in circles!  We also made chocolate Easter nests and Easter baskets to put them in – yummy!  Mrs Cotton made us an Easter bunny with a hole in his tummy for us to practise our throwing.  We practised throwing with a carrot! We had to throw a carrot through the hole! 


Our artist of the month is Yayoi Kusama.  She is a Japanese artist who uses polka dots in her creations.  We had a go at making a polka dot pattern in the style of Yayoi Kusama’s using felt tip pens.


We went to the park this week which was great fun and we can’t wait to go again! We also walked up to school to see what was happening with the building work.  We were amazed to see that Melissa’s office wasn’t there anymore and some of the builders were on the roof taking it apart.


We had some special visitors this week: some lambs!  They were only three days old.   Some of us stroked them and felt how soft they were.  There was a bottle to feed them with but they weren’t hungry.  They made a squeaky bleating noise and we made the same noise, it was funny!


After the Easter holidays we will start our new theme ‘Are we nearly there yet?’.  Our story will be ‘Around the World with Max and Lemon.’