This Week's Class Blog


We have been working collaboratively in pairs to create a story map depicting the journey of a pebble, stretching back an astounding 480 million years ago to 340 years ago. This story map has served as a valuable tool to help us write a recount, based on the pebble's incredible journey.


Our focus in maths this week has been exploring different representations of numbers, including Roman numerals and number lines. We have been practicing comparing and ordering these representations, both in ascending and descending order.


In science, we delved into the fascinating realm of the human skeleton. We learned the names of various bones that comprise the skeletal structure.


During our computing lessons, we created engaging presentations using slides to share our science learning with one another. This allowed us to showcase our understanding of the human skeleton, providing an interactive learning experience for the class.


Our French lessons with Mrs. Threlfall have been a highlight this week. We have been learning conversational phrases, which we have had the opportunity to practice during the morning register. Our grasp of French greetings and pleasantries is improving steadily.

Star of the Week

This week, we celebrated the achievements of two of our children. Beatrice was awarded our Star of the Week for settling well into Seal Class, working diligently, and demonstrating kindness and consideration towards her classmates. Jack received the Head Teacher's Award for his outstanding efforts in using TTRS (Times Tables Rock Stars) and overall hard work. Jack's three-week streak of receiving the TTRS Effort Certificate is truly commendable.

Math Shed and Spelling Shed Challenges

We are thrilled to share that our class emerged triumphant in both the Math Shed and Spelling Shed challenges this week. Our hard work and dedication have paid off, resulting in this impressive accomplishment.

Fantastic work, everyone! Well done on a productive and successful week! Keep up the good work!