Great to see everyone back after the half term break.  It was great to hear all your news and catch up with things you have been up to over the holidays.

We started this week by writing our edited versions of Jack and the Beanstalk.  We used the same structure as Jack and the Beanstalk but used our own ideas for some of the parts.  We changed the main character, the item they were selling at the market and the ‘thing’ that their main character climbed up to reach the giant.  We also changed the building at the top of the clouds.  The children have come up with some beautiful piece of work.

In maths we have been looking at time.  The Year 1s have been ordering the days of the week and months of the year, as well as telling the time to the o’clock and half past.  The Year 2s have been telling the time to the o’clock, half past as well as quarter past and quarter to. 

Our computing unit this half term is all about photography.  We discussed things we can take photos with and why we might take them.  We then talked about how best to get a good photo.  We tested out the iPad camera to see if we could get the perfect photo.  We took some photos when our ‘subject’ was moving to see what effect this had on photos and also tried taking some pictures when we had wobbly hands; both of which produced blurry photos.  We concluded that in order to get a perfect photo you need to stand still and allow the camera to focus on the ‘subject’. 

We have also been doing some rhythm and structure in music and looking at the good news that Jesus brings in RE.

STAR OF THE WEEK this week goes to EMILY B for settling well into Puffin class and making lots of new friends.

PROMOTIONS in Big Maths this week go to BEATRICE and ALEXANDER.  Well done!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.