Blog 10.2.23

This week our book of the week was ‘Let’s Look at Dinosaurs’.  It is a non fiction lift the flap book about dinosaurs.  Each page had a different dinosaur on with some information about that dinosaur.

Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to dinosaurs:

Writing – Label the parts of a dinosaur

Maths – Find something that weighs the same as the anchiornix huxley dinosaur

Funky Fingers – Give the T-Rex some clothes peg teeth

Outside – Make a cardboard cone and blow it to make the sound of a parasaurolophus

Creative – Draw a triceratops and make a frill for it’s neck

Playdough – Use playdough to make a herd of iguanodons

 What another great week we had for challenges!  Nearly every single Reception child did their challenges and gold challenge.  Brilliant!

 In maths the Reception children have been continuing to learn pairs of numbers that make ten.   They have also been finding pairs, including pairs of socks!  The nursery children have been practising writing numbers and taking it in turns to when playing number games

 In Read, Write Inc some children have been practising and recapping the ‘special friends’ and other children have been learning the letters l, h and r.  The nursery children have been learning about the different animal sounds in the story of The Gingerbread Man.

In the tuff tray this week we have been counting buttons into numbered bags, painting with paint sticks, dinosaur puzzles and sticky mosaic pictures.  Our PE this week was all about climbing so we went outside and used the apparatus on the field.  It was the first time we had been it for a long time.  We quickly got the hang of climbing over the A frame.  Some of us were excited to find that we had grown significantly since using it last and can now stretch across the upright columns!  While we were outside we saw some crocuses in flower.  We thought about what words we could use to describe them.

 This week we have been learning about keeping safe on the road.  We watched a video and then sorted some pictures into ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’.  We all said that we wear helmets when we go out on our bikes and scooters and make sure we hold a grown ups hand when we cross the road.  We used the scooters on the playground this week making sure that we were aware of our friends and didn’t bump into them.  In music we have been learning about body percussion and made lots of different sounds and rhythms using our bodies. 

 We also made some pterodactyl puppets this week and had great fun flying them around the classroom.  Mrs Cotton helped us to make some fossils this week.  We used salt dough and pressed a dinosaur skeleton into it.  When it was dry we painted it with cold coffee to make it look like rock.  They looked amazing when they were finished!

As part of our RE ‘Special Places’ this week we learnt that a mosque is a special place for Muslims.  We watched a video and found out about some of the things that happen when Muslims go there.  We also had a look at their special book, the ‘Qur’an’ and looked at some prayer mats.  We also looked at the special hat some Islamic men wear.

Starfish Star of the Week was William.  He has been helping the teachers and children pronounce the dinosaur names and helped us to name them.  Well done William!

 Next week our book will be ‘Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs’ by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds.