It's been an exciting and enriching week.
The focus this week in maths has been on masses. Our mathematicians have been exploring the concept of mass, learning how to measure and compare different objects using grams and kilograms. From balancing scales to estimating weights, they have been developing their understanding of this important mathematical concept. In English, the children embarked on a fascinating journey through art and emotions. They had the opportunity to explore the thought-provoking artwork known as the "Weeping Window." Through discussion and reflection, they delved into their own feelings, expressing what they liked and didn't like about the piece. The children explored the Ancient Wonders of the world, uncovering the remarkable stories behind these architectural marvels. They were captivated by the Pyramids of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and more. Additionally, they discovered the new wonders of the world, marveling at the impressive structures that have emerged in recent times. It was an opportunity for them to broaden their global knowledge and appreciate the beauty and diversity of our planet. The children also became aerodynamic engineers by designing, building and testing their own rockets. Thanks to the RAF for letting us take part in their annual STEM event. 

This week's Star of the Week is Tima for his fantastic design of his rocket that he then turned into a masterpiece. It managed to fly one of the furthest distances so well done.