This week in school we have been really busy learning about a range of subjects. In maths, we completed our unit on money. We now know how to calculate change, use decimal points, and add and subtract amounts. We even managed to use our understanding of money to solve some real-life problems, like working out how much we would need to save to buy a new toy or treat.

We then began learning about time, which is really interesting! We started by looking at Roman numerals up to 12 and we can now tell the time using a Roman numeral clock. It’s not as easy as reading a digital clock, but we are getting better with time!

Our English lessons were really fun. We have been reading about the character Bottom in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', who is a weaver that ends up with a donkey head. We played a game where we tried to predict what Bottom would be like before reading about him in the book. We then looked for evidence in the text to prove our predictions. It was tricky at first, but we soon got the hang of it.

In geography, we continued to explore our locality and looked at a map of the North East of England. We identified the key counties, cities, towns and landmarks, learning about their features and how they are significant in terms of history and culture.

The Year 4s worked very hard in their Quad Kids session at school. They had to run 400m and practice different types of throws. Well Done Y4s!

This week's Star of The Week was Rory. For his perseverance and determination to learn the chorus of Stefania in Ukrainian.