Blog 25.3.22

Our book this week was ‘The Wood’.  It was a non-fiction book which gave us lots of information about forests and woods.


Our Rainbow Challenges this week were all about trees:

Writing – Write a description of a tree

Maths – Use sticks to make some 2d shapes

Funky Fingers – Brush the leaves into the tree shape

Construction – Make a tree from Lego

Creative – Make some green paint and fingerprint some leaves

Playdough – Make some playdough trees



We have been outside looking at trees.   We found some minibeasts that live in and around trees.  We used magnifying glasses to look closely, we didn’t find very many but saw some ants, woodlice and flies.  We also looked closely at the trunks of the trees and felt the bark.  We said that it felt bumpy and rough.  We had fun making some bark rubbings using different coloured crayons.  The reception children drew some trees and labelled the different parts.  We discussed that a tree has a trunk and an elephant has a trunk but they are different! We also learnt that a tree has a crown and a queen has a crown but they are also different!


We have been outside lots this week.  We have been on the scooters and bikes, painted daffodils, made cakes in the mud kitchen using the microwave,  played with the animals in the water, played ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’, played on the play area and lots more!


We had lunch outside on Friday as it was the last day in our school before we go to the Creighton Hall.  We also went to where the new classroom will be built and went to see where the new entrance is going to be.


Next week our story will be ‘Owl Babies’  by Martin Wadell