8th March 2024

This week we have carried on looking at our class text ’10 things I can do to help my World’ by Melanie Walsh.  We found out the first 2 ways we can help is by turning off the lights when we are not in the room and turning off the tap when we brush our teeth.  Some of the children confessed to walking out of a room and leaving the lights on!  And some even confessed to leaving the tap running too.  We read that by leaving the tap running when we brush our teeth wastes 18 glasses of water or 36 glasses a day!  That is a lot of water.  We discussed all of the things we could do with that water!  We also made some posters to remind people to switch off the lights.  We laminated them and stuck them near some light switches. 

In Maths we carried on looking at money.  We were counting amounts with pounds and pence as well as matching up two values but using different coins.  During their independent learning the children even set up their own shop complete with price labels and everything!  Some of their prices were a bit alarming!  Ha.

For PSHE we talked about all the different body parts, including our private parts.  We also talked about how are private parts are private and they are not for anyone else.  We used the NSPCC’s video ‘Pantasaurus’ to help us understand.  Computing on Monday was exciting because we got to get the BlueBots out.  These are very similar to a BeeBot but with a few more features.  This week we just explored with them and reminded ourselves how to use them.  The children created tunnels and obstacles for the BlueBot to manoeuvre round.

Also this week we began making our Mother’s Day cards and enjoyed PE with Sam.  On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day by designing a new character for a book and orally made up stories with our friends.  We also got to do some shared reading with children out of the Seal class.  We chose a book and they read it to us.  We love listening to stories!

Big Maths again was full of beaten scores, lots of 10/10 and one promotion.  This week it was ROSIE BR who got all her Learn Its correct in the allocated time!  Well done Rosie.

STAR OF THE WEEK this week went to EMILY B who has been doing lots of fantastic reading at home and logging it on to the app!  Well done Emily.