This week in Seal Class, we have been continuing with our poetry learning. We had a look at the De Bread Van by Valerie Bloom. The children had to think about what they felt like reading the poem, what they liked, and what they would improve. It has also been the Y4 No More Marking week this week. The children have been looking at responding to the Government banning those under 13s from using phones. The children have made very strong arguments for both and it's quite clear there are some strong opinions about it. The children have also been looking at written methods for multiplication in maths and multiplying 2d by 1d which we did find challenging but we managed to get there in the end with perseverance and hard work. We also continued our learning about coasts, we looked at the impact erosion is having on our coasts and thought about why we should protect our coastline. In music, we had an extra special lesson where we looked at the inside of a piano with Mrs. Barbour which was requested by some of the children. We have also been working hard on our TTRS, and EDSHED and enjoying reading on Pickatale. The children also shared some of the poems they had written for their homework. They all did an amazing job. Our Star of the Week went to Lucas as he has been working super hard in all of his lessons and he scored 34/34 on his Learn Its which were timed.