1st December 2023

What a funny old week we have had this week.  The weather made it much more exciting!  We even had more snow than Miss Murray did at her house, and that never happens!

On Monday we read some of Andy Tooze’s poems, in preparation for his visit on Wednesday, and made up some of our own 20 word poems.  This was fun and highlighted that poetry can be about anything.  We also worked hard on perfecting those rolls in PE with Mrs Brealey and then went back to the classroom to do some music.  Music this half term is all about tempo.  This week we had to listen to some music and move our bodies in time to it.  We had some groovy moves going on!

On Tuesday we looked at some more subtraction methods in maths, we discussed our favourite stories in English then retold them to a friend and in the afternoon we worked hard to complete some of our backgrounds for our moving story book.  These books are progressing well and I cannot wait to see the finished result.

Wednesday was the most exciting day of the week because Andy Tooze, the poet, visited our school.  We began with a whole school assembly with him where he shared some of this favourite poems and talked about where he gets his ideas for his poems from.  It was a snowy day on Wednesday and as Andy was sat in the staffroom waiting for us all to arrive he jotted down a poem which highlighted that you can be anywhere and you can still make up a poem.  We then went back to our classroom to do some phonics and big maths and wait for Andy to come and do a workshop with us.  Our workshop was after playtime and it was so funny.  He had us doing action poems where we had to copy his actions and say the lines of the poems at the same time.  Our favourite was definitely the Disco Bus, which we performed to the whole school at the end of the morning.  During this whole school assembly we listened to some poems that the Seal’s and Orca’s had made up during their workshops with Andy.   They were so good and proved how inspirational Andy’s visit was!  So much fun was had by everyone! Thank you for visiting Andy.

On Thursday we complete our big maths test and there were lots of scores being beaten as week as well as a few promotions.  These promotions went to ROSIE BR, ARTHUR, WILLIAM, ELISE, LIAM and ARCHIE!  Wow what a week!

STAR OF THE WEEK this week was WILLIAM – Well done.  Keep it up.

Have a good weekend.