24th November 2023

This week we have been finishing off our instructions on how to defeat the witch then we wrote our own set of instructions using everything we had learned.  Most of us remembered to use some of the key features. In Maths we have been looking at a few strategies to help us when we are adding.  The Year 1s have been using systematic number bonds and number lines, whereas the Year 2s have been using resources to help us understand exchanging.  Next week we are looking at strategies to help us with subtraction.

On Monday, in PE, we were learning how to do a good pencil roll, making sure we are nice and straight and using our tummy muscles to help push us over.  We had to imagine we had glued our knees and ankles together so that they stayed together as we rolled over.  This was much harder than it sounds.  Once we had practiced it a few times we added it to our routines which include a shape and a way of travelling.  We are getting much more artistic in our routines each week.  Well done.

In DT we were planning our sliding story book.  We had to think of a story, what we would put on each page and which part would be moving.  Some of the stories we have chosen are Humpty Dumpty, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk.  I cannot wait until we start making them.  For computing this week we were thinking about how music makes us feel.  We listened to two pieces of music; one slow, one fast, to get a feel for them.  Then we listened to them again and drew along in time to the music.  We did bumps for when the pitch went high and waves for how fast the music was going.  We could draw faces to show whether we liked the music or not.  We then had some time on the iPads exploring Chrome Music lab, this time of the Kandinsky app.  This app turns anything you draw into music.   This was very exciting and we had some good compositions.  In RE we were reminding ourselves of the Christmas story and made it into a storyboard.  The Year 2s made their own books and created their own versions.  There was some good writing produced.

STAR OF THE WEEK this week was ELISE.  She has been trying so hard with her independent writing and persevered even when she found things a little bit tricky.  She also produced some beautiful handwriting.

BIG MATHS promotions this week goes to ROSIE BE.  Well done.

Have a good weekend.