This week in Seal Class, In our English lessons, we have started delving into the fantastical world of 'The Iron Man'. In Chapter 1, we focused on developing our initial ideas about the story. We engaged in a fun and interactive activity where we acted out the chapter and carefully considered the language used by the author. We even captured key moments in freeze frames, bringing the story to life in our own unique way.
Moving on to Science, we continued our exploration of rocks. This week, we focused on sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. We had the opportunity to observe different rocks and compare them based on their properties. By doing this, we developed a deeper understanding of how these rocks are formed and the unique characteristics they possess.
In our Geography lessons, we turned our attention to the extraordinary wonder that is the Great Barrier Reef. Through our research, we gained valuable knowledge about corals and their significance in this incredible ecosystem. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the Great Barrier Reef, considering factors such as tourism and environmental impact.
In the world of computing, we dived into the topic of networks. We explored the different types of networks, both wireless and wired. As a hands-on activity, we attempted to represent these networks physically. We sent signals to each other, discovering that creating a wired network was more challenging than a wireless one. It was certainly a valuable experience that gave us a glimpse into the complexities of modern technology.
This week's Star of the Week is Campbell for his amazing effort and attitude in Hip-Hop. Well done!