This week we have begun to add challenges to some areas of the classroom for us to complete during our independent learning time.  In the writing area we were thinking about events that happen once a year.   We learnt that the word for this is annually.  We also learnt and wrote some sentences on what Remembrance Day is all about and why it is celebrated.  In the creative area we were making our own split pin poppies.  We learnt about the different coloured poppies and what each colour represented.  Then in the constructive area we were designing and making our own war memorial.  We had some pictures to inspire us.

We have also been thinking about secondary colours in art and looking at recreating Mark Rothko’s ‘Fields’ work.  We mixed the primary colours to make the secondary colours.

 In Geography we have been thinking about the weather and learning how to write a weather report.  We went outside to do this as we had to measure the wind speed using the anemometer.  We also found north, east, south and west using the compass.  We gave our partner some directions to follow using the compass directions.

We also looked at some photos that Arthur's Dad had sent to us and used a world map to track the journey he is on as well as what countries our letters have passed through.

Have a good weekend.