Blog 7.10.22

Our story this week was ‘The Little Red Hen’.  We didn’t use a book for this story but learnt to tell the story ourselves with actions.  In our version of the story the Little Red Hen asked a bull, a cat and a rat to help her plant, water, cut, grind the corn and then to knead and bake the bread. None of the animals would help her but they all wanted to help eat the bread!

The Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to our story:

 Writing – Write about The Little Red Hen

Maths – Count the pictures from the story

Funky Fingers – Use a pencil to follow the lines

Construction – Build a farm for the Little Red Hen to live on

Creative – Follow the instructions to draw a Little Red Hen

Reading – Spot the difference in the two pictures

 Nearly all of the Reception children completed all of their Rainbow Challenges this week – Well Done Starfish!

 Mrs Cotton made bread, just like the Little Red Hen made.  We weighed out the ingredients, mixed them together and kneaded the dough.   Mrs Cotton told us that the yeast would make the dough get bigger if we left it in a warm place.  After a while we were amazed to see that it had grown!  Mandy then baked it in the oven for us.  We all said that it was delicious.

In maths this week the Reception have been making repeating patterns and the nursery children have been learning about 2d flat shapes.  The Reception children have also started to use Numbots, an app which will help with their number skills. 

 We have made Little Red Hens using circles and triangles, a paper plate hen and a paper cup hen!  It was a very creative week!

 This week in RE we spoke about what our names meant and why our parents gave us our names.  We also heard about how Christians believe that God knows how  everybody is very different and that He can identify each and everyone.  We looked at some Where’s Wally books to see if we could identify Wally in a crowd.

This week is was our Harvest Festival at Holy Trinity Church.  The whole school collected lots of food for the Alnwick Food Bank.  We sang some harvest songs and we performed our story of ‘The Little Red Hen’.  Everybody said we were amazing to have remembered all the words and actions! 

 Next week our book will be ‘Patcho and Pigeon-Dynamic Duo’.