In English this week we have been thinking about the continent of Antarctica again.  We talked about the landscapes there and thought of some words to describe it.  We turned some of these adjectives into a describing noun phrase.  We added these to our big sheet of ideas and put this in our writing area.  We then made an Antarctica scene using oil pastels or watercolours.  On Tuesday we wrote some descriptive sentences on acetate to lay over the top of our picture.  It looks very effective and we got to use some special pens.

In Maths, the year ones have been looking at parts of numbers using a part whole model and using this to begin to add.  We used the numicon to help us visualise the missing part too.  The year 2s have been adding a one-digit number to a two-digit number by exchanging.  We used base 10 to help us understand the reason why we needed to exchange. 

We have also been doing penguin dances with Emma, as well as being creative with the parachute. We loved going through the hole in the middle and lying on the parachute.  In art we have been adding white to see what effect this has on the primary colours.  We learnt that this creates tints of colours.  We then tried to make a ‘colour chart’ by starting with the primary colour and adding a small amount of white each time to make it lighter and seeing if we could go all the way down to just being white.  It was harder than we thought. 

In History we were thinking about Robert Falcon Scott's journey to the South Pole.  We thought about the key question - Why did Scott risk his life to journey to the South Pole?  We had 6 reasons and we had to pick the 4 we thought was the most appropriate reason why Robert Falcon Scott risked his life and turned them into a diamond 4.  The main reason we thought he risked his life was because he liked exploring and wanted to go somewhere where no one had been before.  

We have all now completed one session of bikeability and despite the nasty weather most said they have really enjoyed it.  On to the next stage now!

Big maths continues to be strong with lots of scores being beaten and well done to BEATRICE for her promotion this week.