Blog 26.5.23

 Our book this week has been ‘The Things That I Love about Trees’ by Chris Butterworth.  This book is a non-fiction book that looks at how a tree changes with the seasons.  It shows how a plum tree changes with the seasons and describes how the buds of the plum tree bloom in the spring and how its leaves grow green and lush in the summer. Time goes by, and soon we see those same leaves fall in the autumn – now the branches are bare for the cold winter-months.

Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to this story:

 Writing – Write about what you love about trees

Maths – Answer the number sentences on the tree

Funky Fingers – Thread the beads onto the branch

Outside – Make a clay face on a tree trunk

Creative – Use leaves to make a picture

Playdough – Press some leaves into playdough and talk about what you can see

 In maths this week the Reception children have been adding and subtracting along a number line. The Nursery children have been learning about shapes and weighing.

 The Reception children are continuing to learn new sounds in Read, Write Inc and working hard with their reading and spelling.   The Nursery children have been learning the sound ‘n’ and recapping the sounds they have learnt this half term.

 This week we went to the quarry to look at different trees.  We noticed that in the quarry lots of the trees were the same type.  We compared different types of leaves and spoke about their similarities and differences.

 Our RE this term is Special Stories.  This week we heard how lotus flower is an important symbol in Buddhism. Shortly after the Buddha’s enlightenment, he saw all human beings like lotuses. He realised that some beings were in full bloom, others had tight buds and others were still growing through the mud or the water of the pond towards the light. It seems that the Buddha meant that each of us have the capacity for growth and development, whether we are small shoots emerging from the mud on the pond floor, or in full blossom. We looked at a picture of a lotus flower and went on a walk around the village taking photos of flowers that we saw in Embleton.

Starfish star of the week is Elise  for doing a brilliant job with her writing this week.

Next term we will begin our new theme ‘Come with us to……’.  Our first story will be ‘The Everywhere Bear’ by Julia Donaldson.