The last two weeks have been jam-packed trying to finish our learning, Christmas Nativity, learning songs for the Carol Service, sharing our homework and fitting in some Christmas-themed activities. The children have worked hard this term and did a fantastic job in the Nativity, so the whole class was the Stars of the Week this week. They enjoyed some respite in the KS2 Party. Dancing the afternoon away, it was great to see both classes coming together and enjoying their afternoon. This week, we have also finished making our Christmas Calendars, which should be coming home, and our DT Castle project. We even made some pastry twists in RE to represent the Holy Trinity. Historically, we had a go at acting out bartering for things we needed for survival in the Iron Age. It was fascinating to see what some children valued things to be worth. It was even more complicated when the Romans came and invaded, and we lost some of our things. But it was an excellent way to see why coins were invented and how precious things like wheat and tools were for surviving in those periods of history. And Mrs G and I were amazed at all the hard work that had gone into the children's linked learning homework. They all did a great job presenting everything they did to the rest of the class. Well done!
All that is left to say is thank you so much for the cards. They were very much appreciated, and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope you all have a fantastic break and look forward to seeing the children after the break and hearing about what they did in the holidays.