Blog 24.11.23


This week we have continued with our story, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.  We have been learning to tell the story using actions and remembering the words and have made changes to the story.

Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to this:

 Writing – Draw and label five things that you would put in the basket

Maths – Count the pictures from the story

Funky Fingers – Weave a paper basket

Creative – Paint a wolf

Playdough– Make a basket using playdough

Drawing – Draw a cottage

Outside – Look for wolves

In maths this week the Reception children have been learning about identifying and making ‘three’ repeating patterns and noticing mistakes in patterns. They have also been using the language of first, second, next, after in their story telling. The Nursery children have been continuing and making ‘two’ repeating patterns.

In Read, Write Inc. this week the Reception children have been practising writing cvc words.  The nursery children have been continuing to listen and copy rhythms  and repeat phrases from stories.

 Our music this term is Celebration Music.  This week we listened to the African Celebration Kawanzaa music. We found some items in the classroom that we could use as drums and we played along to some music.  We also sang an African repeat after me song and finished by playing some real African drums.

 This week we have been changing the story of Little Red Riding Hood and have been making our own story maps and using a dice to help us make up stories.  We have also used the Beebots this week.  We drew pictures from the story and programmed the Beebots to go to different places on our maps.

 This week as part of our RE theme ‘Why do Christians perform a nativity play at Christmas?’ we unwrapped a present.  Inside was a baby, this helped us to remember that Christians believe that Jesus was the best gift that God gave.  We then thought about things that we are thankful for.

 This week our Starfish star of the week was Benji for doing doing some brilliant reading.  Well Done Benji!

 Next week we will continue our learning with the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.