Blog 18.09.22

This week we continued learning the routines of the classroom and settling into school.  We began our Read, Write, Inc., phonics, maths and Big Maths sessions this week as well as continuing to enjoy dough disco, squiggle while you wiggle and pen disco.  
We have also been talking about going to different places such as the dentist, swimming pool, the doctors, supermarket and opticians. 
We also went to Holy Trinity Church and looked at the different things inside.  We look at the textures of different items and discussed whether they were smooth or rough or soft or hard.  We thought about what they were made of and found some fabric, metal and stone items.  We also did some measuring of things some small things like books and big things like the middle aisle carpet!  
This week we also made superheroes to get us ready for the start of our topic next week 'What's Your Superpower?'  Next week out book will be 'Super Snail' by Elys Dolan.