Blog 30.9.22

Our book this week was ‘A day at the police station’ by Richard Scarry.  It tells the story of Sergeant Murphy who is kept busy by helping Busytown citizens find their lost items, handling huge traffic jams, or teaching the town about safety.  It helped us to find out about what police officers do. 


Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been related to this book:


Writing – Write about something Sergeant Murphy does

Maths – Play a dice game to catch a robber

Funky Fingers – Cut out the lines to the police officer

Construction – Build a police station for Sergeant Murphy

Creative – Colour in the Sergeants stripes

Reading – Choose your favourite page in our book of the week and tell an adult why it is your favourite


This week we had a visit from two real life police officers.  They told us about their job and what they did.  They took us outside to look at their police car and said we could sit inside if we wanted to.  They even let us put the siren and lights on!  We thought of some good questions to ask them.


Mrs Cotton turned our role play area into a police station this week.  We had so much fun playing in it!  We even had a jail to put people in.  There were forms to fill in for crime reports and fines to give people!


In RE we are finding out how different religions welcome babies into their families.   This week we found out how Muslims welcome babies into their families. We found out that the first words a Muslim baby hears will be ‘God is great, there is no God but Allah’.  We then whispered message into the dolls ear.

Next week our story will be ‘The Little Red Hen’.