10th November 2023

First week back after the holidays is always a hard one but we made it – well done.

This week we got straight back into our class text, which is Rapunzel.  We noticed she was sitting under a tree ready a book called ‘How to defeat witches’.  So we decided to think about how we could defeat a witch.  We are going to write some instructions for this next week but first we had to look at how to write instructions.  We looked at key features of instruction writing which included lists using bullet points, the use of pictures to help understand the instruction and the use of imperative verbs.  We had a go at writing some sentences using imperative verbs.

In maths we began looking at addition strategies.  The year 2s have been using known number facts to help them add.  These have included their big maths learn it facts and number pairs to 10.  The year 1s have been looking at part whole models and how they can help them with addition.  We have all been doing lots of carefully counting and making sure we don’t double count the number.

We have also started some new units this week.  In PE we are now doing some basic gymnastics.  This week involved making shapes with our bodies.  We made tucked shapes, star shapes, tall shapes and small shapes.  We chose three different shapes and linked them together to form a sequence.  In computing we started our new unit which is creating media – digital music.  We listened to Holst’s Mars and Venus compositions and used words to describe what they were like.  We also thought about how the music was making us feel.  We then compared them to Holst’s Jupiter composition.  We had a vote for our favourite piece of music. 

This week we also learned about the Hindu festival of Diwali and compare this to Christmas and other festivals that include lots of lights such as Bonfire Night.  On Thursday we also heard all about Remembrance Day / Armistice Day and why the 11th November is such a significant day.  We discussed and looked at pictures of ways in which people remember the fallen.  We then made some poppies to go on our school poppy display.

STAR OF THE WEEK this week is Arthur.  He has been trying so hard with his handwriting and spellings lately and applying them to his writing. He has also wrote a fabulous diary entry making sure he was always writing in the first person. Well done Arthur. 

We had Big Maths promotions for WILLIAM, LIAM and PENNY.  Well done!!  Keep it up.