Blog 31.3.23

 This week we have been reading The Easter Story. 

 Our Rainbow Challenges this week have been Easter related:

 Writing – Write a letter to the Easter bunny

Maths – Make a repeating pattern using eggs

Funky Fingers – Balance some eggs

Reading – Read the Easter sentences and draw what is missing

Creative – Make a pom pom Easter chick

Playdough – Make and decorate an egg

 Some of us did an investigation using the microwave and some soap.  It didn’t look like soap after it had been heated up!  We took it into the other classes to see if anyone could guess what it was!

 The Reception children joined Puffins one afternoon for  a creative session using recycled materials.  This followed our visit from when One Tenth Human Roadshow came in to visit.  They needed to work in teams to build the tallest structure that would hold and protect an egg.

 This week we went to visit the new shop in the village.  We made them a card to welcome them to Embleton.  There were lots of lovely things inside.  We were very good at looking and not touching.

 Mrs Cotton made Easter cakes with is this week.  We decorated them with icing and added little eggs on the top.  We also made Easter cards and Easter nests.  We even had an Easter chocolate hunt outside.

 This week was our final week of RE ‘Why do Christians put a cross in an Easter garden?’  This week we made our own Easter gardens.  They looked beautiful!

 We finished the week with a special Easter service at Holy Trinity Church.

 After the Easter holidays we are starting our new theme ‘Let it grow’.  Our story for the first week back will be ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.