What a strange week!  Well done for coping with another day of online learning on Thursday due to technical difficulties with the boiler; but what fun we had in the snow on Monday.  We had an extra-long playtime so we could enjoy it before it melted!

On Monday, we enjoyed a game of tag using the belts.  This is so we can practise grabbing the tags for when we have a go at playing a game of tag rugby.  We had to make sure we used our speed, spatial awareness and defending skills.  Those tags were hard to catch but some great perseverance paid off and eventually we were able to get everyone’s tags off.    After our PE on Monday we learned some more about Google slides.  We learnt how to change the font size, style and colour.  The hardest part was highlighting the text in order for us to change it.  Everyone tried really hard!

In maths, we have been looking at money.  We have been looking at coins, ordering them and sorting them in a variety of different ways.  We have also been counting coins to find a total as well as counting notes.  Counting the notes was good for our times table practise; being able to count in 5s, 10s and 20s was a great help.

In History we heard about what life was like, for Grace Darling, living in a lighthouse.  We heard all about her typical day; all the jobs she had to carry out and all the learning she had to do at home with her Mum and Dad (We compared it to learning at home during covid).  We also discussed why she grew her own vegetables and reared her own animals. 

In Science, we heard the story of Wilbur and Orville Wright.  We talked about aeroplane design and what the best material would be to make an aeroplane out of.  We also talked about shape.  We compared the Wright Brother’s plane design to modern day planes and decided which one is best.  After talking about the shape of planes, we carried out an investigation to see what the best shape would be for a paper aeroplane.  Each child designed and made a paper plane, trialled their plane, made improvements if required, before testing them out in the hall.  Well done to HARRY, who’s plane travelled the furthest! 


Lots of full marks and beaten scores in big maths this week, well done but promotion this week goes to MARTIN.  Super job.