This week in Seal Class we have been continuing to work on subtraction in maths. We have found that a little more challenging compared to addition particularly when it also includes exchanging. We have also been continuing to look at the Ride of Passage as a story that is from another culture. We created a storyboard to remind us what happened in the story in chronological order. We also looked at why it is important to organise our writing in paragraphs and what those key themes could be around in a paragraph. The rest of our week in Seal Class has been about British Parliament Week. We learnt all about the Houses of Commons and the Houses of Lords. We then talked about Youth Parliament and how young people can still have their views represented. Before having our very own debate, where Rory was our Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Government, who was campaigning for children to be in school 10 hours a day and on Saturdays. We had Faye who was the Leader of the Opposition and Labour Leader and Charlie as the Leader of The Liberal Democrats. Flo did a fantastic job as the Speaker of The House ensuring every view was heard and Zach was our Chief Whip who ensured that MPs were only allowed to speak for so long. We even had a Political Sin Bin which was where you were placed if you were not following the rules of the House. It was a very heated debate with well thought out responses and they even called Miss Scott as an expert witness to say what impact longer days would have on children’s education. By the end the bill was not passed as the MPs had voted against. We continued our learning with creating our own political parties with their own agendas and holding a General Election. The children did an amazing job!