Penultimate week before the holidays but busy as always.

We have been looking at money again in maths.  We have been using the coins to make amounts as well as thinking about using the fewest coins to make certain amounts.  We decided we would rather have one £1 coin than 100 1p coins in our pocket!  In English we have mainly been focussing on our phonics, but we have also began reading the Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch too.  We thought up some new sandwich ideas to keep those pesky seagulls away!  Mr Grinling was getting rather fed up with them eating his lunch. 

In History we heard of the rescue that made Grace Darling famous.  We acted out scenes from the rescue as well as thinking about how brave she was going out to rescue the people from the ship.  We also thought about what her reasons were for going out to rescue them – she was risking her own life to save others so she must have had her reasons!  We analysed some sources of evidence to find out some answers to questions we had such as when did Grace die and where did they take the survivors. 

We have been talking about lighthouses and what makes them work so we decided to get the circuit equipment out and have a go at trying to make a light bulb light up.  We then investigated what would happen if we added more light bulbs or more batteries.  We also tried to add a switch into the circuit as well as a buzzer!!  This was great fun.

Well done to INDIE, JOSH and AIDAN (double promotion) who all received promotions in Big Maths this week.

STAR OF THE WEEK – BEATRICE for some great descriptive sentences on the beach, well done.

Don’t forget Puffin Class worship is next Thursday 30th March at 2:30pm.  Puffin class parents welcome to attend.