This week the focus has been on our trip to Bamburgh and transition day! 

In Bamburgh, we went to the Grace Darling museum and saw lots of artefacts from when Grace was alive.  We also saw the coble rowing boat that Grace used in the rescue of the passengers of the SS Forforthshire on that fateful night.  The children’s knowledge of the rescue was brilliant and they had remembered lots of things they had been taught.  We also visited St. Aidan’s church where we saw Grace’s memorial.  We spent some time looking at the intricate details of the memorial and doing some sketches in our books.  In small groups we went into the church for a look around.  We compare features of St. Aidan’s church to things also found in Holy Trinity Church.  We went for a walk around Bamburgh too and saw the cottage where Grace was born as well as the cottage where she died.  I think the children’s highlight was playing in the park before lunch time.  On our way back to school we called into Seahouses harbour where we had a quick look at the lifeboats.  We compared them to the coble we had just seen in the Grace Darling museum.  Thank you to Mrs. Scott for driving the minibus and thank you to all the Puffins whose behaviour was commented on by various members of the public.  So proud of you Puffins and well done on representing our school so impeccably.

The other highlight of the week was transition day on Thursday.  It was great to work with my new class and getting to know them more.  I did miss the others while they were being a Year 3 in Seal class for the day, but I think they had just a good day too.  It’s now a long wait until September when we can be in our new classes for real.

STAR OF THE WEEK this week goes to ARTHUR who really stepped up to being a Year 2 and was very helpful with the younger children.  He also did some amazing joined up handwriting!!  Well done Arthur.  You are so ready to be a Year 2. 

PROMOTIONS in Big Maths this week go to HARRY, MARTIN and AIDAN.  Well done!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.