This week has been shorter than usual, as the children have enjoyed a long weekend. We started the week by completing profiles on Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. Each pair had to research and create a picture of a different God or Goddess, including information about their family, power, and interesting facts. In addition, we attended a live STEM session that was filmed in the Shetland Islands. The session showcased the progress they've made in building their rocket launch pad and models, as well as some exciting experiments.
Furthermore, we also began our Geography topic for this half-term, focusing on Italy. We started by locating the main Italian cities on a map using Google Maps. Later in the lesson, we looked at key human and physical geography features of Italy, such as the Venice Canal, the Colosseum, Mount Vesuvius and the leaning towers of Pisa. After identifying these features, we marked them on our maps.

This week, we are excited about the girls' football tournament that the girls have been preparing for, practicing during their break times. We've seen their confidence grow as they've persevered through tricky moments, and we wish them the best of luck. Additionally, we have the Coronation activities to look forward to this afternoon, which the children seem excited about.