Class Blog:
English: Exploring the Earth's History
In our literacy lessons, we have been diving deep into the fascinating history of our planet. Using the book "Pebble in my Pocket," we have journeyed back 395 million, 390 million, and 375 million years ago. These pages have transported us to a time when the Earth was a vastly different place!

To help us understand the changes that occurred during those time periods, we created a detailed table. This table beautifully illustrated the transformations undergone by the pebble and our planet over time. During our beach school sessions, we will be practicing our tone and intonation while reading these pages. This will enable us to effectively explain the incredible events that unfolded on Earth.

Maths: Adding 1, 10, 100, and 1000s
In our maths lessons, we have been focusing on number sense and place value. Specifically, we have been exploring the concept of adding 1, 10, 100, and even 1000s to certain numbers. Through hands-on activities and interactive exercises, we have honed our understanding of how these numbers are represented and how they affect the overall value of a number.

Geography: Tracking the Journey of Foods
Geography has been an exciting adventure this week as we studied the global journey of various foods. We researched where these foods were originally grown or produced and meticulously located them on a map. To deepen our understanding, we then calculated the distances in kilometres that these foods had traveled to reach our homes. This activity expanded our geographical knowledge and helped us appreciate the vast interconnectedness of our world.

Computing: Staying Safe Online
In our computing lessons, our main focus was on e-safety. We took the opportunity to recap and reinforce our understanding of how to navigate different online situations safely. By discussing hypothetical scenarios, we developed practical strategies to ensure our online experiences are positive and secure.
The Year 4s had a fantastic time doing their Bikeability. They all managed to have a good time practicing their cycling and achieved their L1 in Bikeability.

Now, you are all caught up with what we have been learning in Seal Class. We hope you enjoyed this little insight into our week. This Week's Star of The Week was Marlie B for her researching skills in Science. She did a comprehensive list of foods that were healthy and unhealthy.

Florence received the Headteacher's Award this week for how hard she has been helping others' around school. Well done both!