Well that was a quick week for our first week back.  It was great to hear all about your half terms – so much more exciting than mine!  We have a short half term this time – only 5 weeks, but lots to try and pack into it.

On Monday we began our new PE unit of Tag rugby.  First of all we had to get used to throwing a rugby ball – this is so much harder than it looks but we tried hard.  Then we tried to pass it to a partner.  We realised quickly that they were very unpredictable when we dropped them as we didn’t know where it was going to bounce.  We will keep practising this skill!  On Monday, we also started learning how to make a presentation on google slides.  We are very excited to learn this skill and can’t wait until next week when we are going to be learning how to change the writing size, colour and style.

In History this week, we started looking at Grace Darling.  We found out that she was alive during the Victorian period.  We discussed what things were like back then and established that there was no electric!  Imagine that!  Some of the children told me it was the same during Storm Arwen.  We made a big long list, that could have gone on and on, of things we rely on that use electricity.  Most children told me they would not like to not have electric.  We also discussed what a lighthouse was, because this is where Grace Darling lived.  The children were amazed that people could actually live in a lighthouse.

On Thursday it was World Book Day.  Thank you for all your efforts helping and supporting your child to create their Traditional tale paper plate.  They were amazing, and the children were very enthusiastic when explaining how they made them (Sara – I hope you’re not too cold with a hole in your coat!!)  We were lucky enough to have Seal class come in and read some traditional tales to us.  In the afternoon we carried out an experiment inspired by one of my favourite traditional tales – The Gingerbread Man!  We were testing the absorbency of materials by thinking about what materials we could make a coat out of, to help the Gingerbread Man cross the river safely.  We chose 4 different materials and wrapped a gingerbread biscuit up in it before placing it in some water and leaving it for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes we unwrapped the biscuits and observed what had happened.  We found out that plastic bag kept the Gingerbread Man the driest.