This week has been a busy and productive one in our classroom! Here's a recap of what we've been learning in our different subjects:


In maths, we have completed our work on place value and have now moved on to addition and subtraction. To start, we refreshed our memories by revisiting our previous learning before building upon it. We have been focusing on different strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems, and are becoming more confident in applying these strategies to solve real-life scenarios.


Our English lessons this week have been focused on explanatory writing. We have been exploring the topic of Sedimentary rocks and learning about what they are and how they are formed. This knowledge will help us in creating informative and visually appealing posters explaining the characteristics and formation processes of Sedimentary rocks.


In Science, we had a chance to delve back into our previous learning about the human skeleton. We revised the different bones in our bodies and their functions. Additionally, we explored the concept of a healthy diet by creating data based on our own food intake. We then studied various animal skeletons to compare and contrast their structures with that of humans.


Our Geography lessons this week revolved around the theme of sustainability and food. We discussed how we can make sustainable choices in our lives. As part of this, we examined our school menu to determine whether it aligns with the principles of sustainability. To aid our evaluation process, we created a questionnaire to gather the opinions of our classmates and teachers.


In computing, we had an exciting time experimenting with Sphero Bolts. We took on the challenge of playing a game of football using the Sphero Bolts as our players. Believe me; it was much more challenging than it looks! As we navigated the technical aspects of controlling the Sphero Bolts, we also gained a better understanding of coding and computational thinking.

PE and Tag Rugby Festival

Some of us had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a Tag Rugby Festival. We enjoyed learning new skills and practicing them in friendly matches. For those who stayed at school, we had an enjoyable PE session with Sam. We focused on improving our defensive and attacking skills through a variety of games. During our physical education classes, we are also making great progress in practicing our gumboot dance.

Our Star of the Week this week was Polly for her amazing recount of the Pebble’s Journey from 480 Million Years Ago to 340 Million Years Ago. She used some fantastic adjectives to create a vivid description of what was happening. We also won the Mathshed Challenge Competition this week. Well done for all your hard work.